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Ansonix, is an 8bit / video game inspired electronic dance music producer hailing from Dublin, Ireland. His relationship with music goes a long way back,  as he boasts a diverse and eclectic background in the local music scene.  He has been active as a keyboardist alongside many talented groups,  as well as producing his own instrumental piano compositions. His unique blend of electronic dance music echos  8bit/chiptune, rock, and blues influences,  going for powerful beats and lush melodies.

Ansonix released an EP called 'Breaking Through' in November 2017 which reached number 2 in the Irish iTunes Dance Charts and topped urban radio playlists in the UK, USA and Canada!

Ansonix recently release his 'Ready For Battle EP' which he launched at the Body&Soul Festival Ireland on the 22nd June 2018.

His EP's main single 'Triumphant' was feature as #IrishMusicParty Song of the Week, and has been topped radio playlists in the UK and USA.

Breaking Through (From the EP)

Ansonix recently released his EP Breaking Through which went to number 2 in the Irish iTunes Dance Music Charts! The title track Breaking Through has also topped radio playlists in Canada, USA and the UK. Listen to the title track here